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I paid Jill McLaren of Liztech a visit this past April to follow up on our last visit and adventure. She continues to be a huge inspiration and a massive help as I continue on this crazy ride of an art career! She was really excited to see that I’d started needle-felting since my first visit, and not only gifted me a bunch of gorgeous glass eyes for my critters, but commissioned this smaller-scale replica of a cherub sculpture an old friend had made her and her husband. The pair are opening a cafe right next to Liztech itself, called the Blue Angel, after said statue. This turned out to be her husband, Scott’s birthday present over the weekend! 

This big ol’ felted piece sits at 12 1/2” tall from bum to ice-cream cone. Sadly I forgot to measure his total length from ice-cream to toe before I rushed him out (Doh!). His arms are light and can be gently adjusted, while his wings are even more pose-able, able to move up and down and curl in and out. This is unlike anything I’d ever made before, and it was an absolute honor to make this for Jill and Scott! 





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